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  Our Services
  Our services include:
Pick up at the airport of Marrakech and transfer to your accommodation place.
- Accommodation in Marrakech
- Transfer from Marrakech to the starting point of the excursion
- Provision and transportation of the mountain-bikes, plus the necessary technical assistance.
- Provision of 4 WD cars (with or without driver) for 4wd excursions including fuel and technical assistance.
- Provision of everything needed during your excursion (food ,
accommodation, guide, transportation of your personal effects).
- Transfer from the arrival point of the excursion to Marrakech
- Accommodation in Marrakech until your departure from Morocco (in accordance with the contract).
- Transfer to Marrakech airport and assistance with the embarking procedures.
- All the services agreed upon in the contract between you and Itineranceplus .

As a travel agency, Itineranceplus is covered by Civil Liability Insurance in conformity with Morrocan regulation, which includes corporal and material damages, lost, theft or deterioration of luggage that may happen during your contractual stay in Morocco.

Accommodation :
In Marrakech At le "Gîte du Routard" or in a hotel of the same standard, in double rooms (plus an extra for single rooms).
During the excursion: In small traditional hotels or guest houses or nomad camps (with basic comfort utilities: water, toilet, sometimes hot showers). Or in camps (tent for two -Igloo type-, installed and uninstalled by our staff; thin mattresses; sleeping bags and pillowsare not supplied). In general, camps are set up near running water, otherwise water is supplied in 20 litres cans.

Food :
- During excursion all meals are prepared by a professional cook. They are served in the open air for lunch and inside a tent or in a specially fitted room for dinner
Typical menu during excursion:
- Breakfast: coffee, tea, fruit juice, bread, cheese, olive oil, honey and jam.
- Lunch: fresh salad, boiled eggs, sandwich (tuna, cheese…), fruits.
- Diner: hot meal including: a soup + a dish (European or local cuisine) + dessert
- Drinks: not provided

Air transport:
Should you wish, we can take care of your reservations and buy your plane tickets. No commission will be charged for this service.