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  Sales Conditions

A - Excursions and stays offered on the website

Prices are valid for a minimum number of six participants. Should this number not be reached , 30 days before the excursion (or stay) starts, you retain the right to cancel your registration (if you whish to) or to pay the extra amount of money you will be proposed .

B - Customized stays and excursions

For the same excursion, our costs (and hence our prices) vary according to three essential parameters:

Period: in Marrakech, hotel fees vary according to the period of the year.
Number of participants: some of our charges are not proportionate to the number of participants: for example: the rent paid for a 4wd (the price is the same up to 4 passengers), the fees of the guide and the cook are the same whatever the number of participants…
Requested accommodation conditions in Marrakech: x stars hotel, Riad...
Hence, the need for us to first know your preferences before communicating an appropriate price.

A - Excursions and stays offered on the website

To register:
1- Fill in the reservation form (that can be accessed from the description of each excursion) taking care not to omit any of the requested information and submit it.
2- Upon reception of your request we will send you (by either email, fax or mail) a contract to be signed and returned alonf with the 30% down payment that will be stipulated in the contract, in the form of money transfer.
3. Uppon reception of the signed contract and the down payment, confirmation of your registration will be sent to you along with a receipt for your down payment.

B. Customized stays and excursions

To register:
1. Fill in the information request form (that can be accessed by clicking on the "customize your trip" button) taking care not to omit any of the requested information and submit it. Or contact us by phone, fax or mail, supplying the maximum amount of information regarding what you would like to do (where, when, number of persons, level of comfort…).
2. In return, we will send you a proposition along with the corresponding price based on the information you supplied.
3. If our proposition suits you, please let us know, and we will e mail or fax you a confirmation and a request for a down payment (30 % of the price to be paid in the form of money transfer). If our proposition does not suit you, please tell us the reasons and we will send you another one until you are satisfied.
4. Upon reception of the down payment, we will send you a receipt for it along with a final confirmation of your registration and a contract to be signed and returned. If due to lack of time, no contract is drawn up, the correspondence exchanged between the two parties will be considered as binding contract.

In both cases (A & B), the deposit is not refundable unless the breach of contract is our responsibility, in which case you will be completely reimbursed .


If the client cancels a registration, he / she will have to pay to Itineranceplus a compensation whose amount is assessed as a portion of the total price of the package. This portion will be as follows:
· Cancellation occuring between the 120 th day and the 60 th day before the beginning of the package : 10%
· Cancellation occuring between the 59 th day and the 30 th day before the beginning of the package : 30%
· Cancellation occuring between the 29 th day and the 15 th day before the beginning of the package : 50%
· Cancellation occuring between the 14 th day and the last day before the beginning of the package : 85%
· Cancellation occuring the very day of the beginning of the package: 100%
The amount of the compensation will be deducted from the deposit and any positive balance will be paid to the client. In case the balance is in favour of Itineranecplus, the client will have to pay for it within one week after cancellation.

The total amount of the transaction must be paid, before the beginning of the excursion, minus the deposit that you would have made during registration. This can be done in Morocco (in dirhams) or through money transfer as for the down payment.

A commercial bill in conformity with Moroccan regulation will be delivered to you before you leave Morocco.